Hey, your blog is totally awesome, found a lot of gifs i searched for ! :D do you know if there are any blooper/outtake scenes? Because i cant find anything like that on youtube :s

sadly, as far as we know, there isn’t a blooper reel, but there is a documentary called “how did they ever make a movie of facebook?” that’s on the supplements dvd that you can find here.

tsn is more of a serious movie, so that’s probably why a blooper reel wasn’t released, but if you just search the social network behind the scenes on youtube there are a couple videos, but no legitimate blooper reel. 

there is a rather famous (within the fandom of course) behind the scenes video with andrew and jesse that can be found here

sorry i couldn’t be much help!

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do you think mark is a total bitch :P

No. I personally think he’s smart in some ways but very ignorant in others ( social situations, fashion, etc) and I think he’s very insecure and hard on himself and sabotages his friendship or relationship because he doesn’t think he deserves it. Or maybe even because he got caught up in fame and money and facebook and became selfish long enough to ruin his friendship, and admitting that is very hard. Maybe, he’s just a coward. 

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hi, can i use a gif from your post to become an emotion gif when i make a post or comment? :) and your blog is amazing!!! >3

Yes of course. All our gifs are from other sources, if we are the original it’s because we dont know the source and will give credit. Maybe credit the source in your tags, but go ahead!

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I love your blog!! it's awesome!!:D


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Hang on. I’m just checking your math on that…yes, I got the same thing.

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Endless list of films: The Social Network, 2010 (Dir. David Fincher)

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The chicken network

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